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Improving competition on Tripconnect
I recently started using Tripadvisors Tripconnect.
Please see my attachments for a visual description.

A quick summary:
Bidding for bookings:
All channels put their cheapest price for a DOUBLEROOM for the dates that the client choose.
We the hotels/B&B can join Tripconnect and battle against the OTA to win the bids.
Hostelworld and Booking have discovered a formula for always showing the lowest price.
They pick either a doubleroom, or use 2 beds in a shared dorm if that price is cheaper than a doubleroom (which is pretty much always the case).
Our establishment Pension Goiko on Tripadvisor is seems like we are more expensive than booking and hostelworld, becuase our price is for a DOUBLEROOM, where as hostelworld and Booking show the price for 2 beds in a DORM.
It would be great if Wubook could add this feature to TRIPCONNECT.
Always show the cheapest price for 2 people, not necessarily a DOUBLEROOM.

Booking and Hostelworld are very quick, and have come up with a new programming benefit above our personal booking engine.
Spain have 10% tax so a room that cost 40€ will show up as 36€ for Booking at Tripconnect.

Can we please create our response to this as well?
I have attached a picture showing the situation.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Hey, very good analisis!

I also would like to add we had received an advice from a customer who stated that if a user click on photos of a TA profile, it just redirect to OTAs and not to IBE.

Anyway, we just show double rooms prices, this is what we can offer to Tripadvisor, so it is a bit complicated about point 1.

About taxes it looks interesting. Let me get more info about it.
Hello Anders,

thank you so much for your detailed and smart post. I agree with your topic. We should do something to compete with the OTAs offer. Let's begin from the easier topic: taxes. We already divide the price of your rooms, communicating TripAdvisor:

1) The price of the room without taxes
2) The price of the taxes

This happens at least for the following countries: Spain, Italy, Russia. So, I fear that something is wrong here. Is your property correctly configured? I mean, did you setup ES as property country?

This being said: I will have a look at your account to understand the better way to follow (if possible as I think) your advice. Not all properties on WuBook have shared dorm, but in this case we can use them to decrease the property BID.

I'll update this thread as soon as possible. As always, I'm sorry for the delay of my response: as I often repeat, I generally take one day /week to follow all posts on our forums (the italian one is very alive and I would like to vitalize the english one, which is its younger brother!).
Hello and thanks White and Yellow.
I appreciate your answers and ideas.
With regards to taxes: I believe our establishment is setup in wubook-Spain. And I think its working properly.

With regards to Tripconnect pricing. I do understand that we Goiko and UrbanHouse offer shared rooms, something that most of your clients perhaps do not do.
If you could "program" to make it show cheapest price for 2 people, being in double or shared room "amazing", so that we can compete with OTA, perfect for us.
And I'm sure other and potential future clients will appreciate it a lot as well.
I'm sure the biggest OTA's are putting a lot of programming effort into being as competitive as possible. And I will keep you posted for anymore future investigations of mine:)

All the best, and please let me know with regards to sharedrooms and Tripconnect, if you manage to get it sorted.

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