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Filling holes ( automatic discounts based on current date )

I dont know if something like this exist, but if it IS please tell me how to accomplish it.

Imagine if Your season lasts only 3 months as mine. Dodgy
We all agree that empty room is most expensive for owners.

Imagine You want to sell it 100EUROS as standard price for this 'seasson' period.
Now , You have situation where Your room is booked from 1.JULY >> 20.JULY and from 23.JULY >> 31.AVG
( point here is that there are HOLES in season period )

You want to fill up holes.
But You dont want to decrease price if You dont have to since You want to earn money from reservation.

Now, I suggest this, user have some option somewhere in WuBook like:

" Decrease price for ___ % IF Your Room is empty and do it for first ____ days in a row."
Then option 2 would be:
" Ignore price decreasing from above if First day of 'hole' is more than ____ days away from date of booking "

So results would be next if I have 'hole' from 20-23 July and I entered next details:
Decrease price for 20% if room is and do it for first 5 days in a row.
Ignore price decreasing if First day of hole is more than 10 days away from date of booking creation.

User search dates from 20-23July in May for example, and he will see price 100EUR per day ( normal price ) since any date in MAY is more than 10 days away from first day of hole, so price decrease is not applied.
But if user search for example on 10th or 11th July for that period from above he will see price of 80EUR ( decreased for 20% ), because it is less than 10 days away from date of possible booking creation date.

I suppose in WuBook You should do check for Todays date and check if it is less than ____ days away from first available period for that room, and if yes decrease price for ___ % for first ___ days of that free period.

I just had this idea, and wrote this without thinking very detailed of it, maybe it can be improved, maybe it is useless in global scale, I dont know, I just know it is hard to manually check every 'hole' and decrease price for it if You are managing dozens of properties or have hotel with dozens of rooms and similar..
User wouldnt have to use this feature if he dont have to of course.
It is kind of a adding few features in LAST MINUTE discount. Just if You create this in wubook system it will automatically change prices on all channels since it is based on Normal price.

That way I suppose filling holes could be automatized little bit so property management agencies could enjoy the summer a bit more :)

Again, maybe You already have this just I dont know how to accomplish it so dont laugh if I am trying to reinvent the wheel.


First of all let me thank you for the question and the idea. Questions are *always* good questions.

Then, regarding the details of what you ask, there is no certain solution. Let me explain.

You are talking about holes in the planning and those are depending on the optimization of your planning and the units you have to sell for each roomtype (I know you have apartments and that it is particularly important for your special case).

But we are thinking in more automathized revenue system (we already have WYM) in case of settin prices and maybe restrictions. In you case I would suggest as follow:
- play with "no check-in", "no check-out" and "MinStay" restrictions
- play with special offers (no restricted rates are high and special offers -fr the dates you want to sell- are lower)
- play with release (min & max release)

The only inconvenient is -for all the revenue software- that computer cannot take care of all the parameters you, as revenue manager, can consider. The "decision maker" has to be *always* human in my opinion.

I hope this helps.


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