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Availbility management
It would be great that we have next function in SYTAR, when choose to manage availability.

Instead inputing current number of available units, best would be that we have one small dropdown with 3 options:


Increase is option to increase current availability for number of units that user enter.
Decrease is option to decrease current availability for number of units user enter.
Current Value is what You have now, what user enter that number is being sent as current availability.

Can that be done, I think it would be very useful, specially in seasson period for users without ZAK.


Many thanks for your participation and ideas.
Let me tell you that we do not have such fucntion in Sytar but we have it in Tabla :)

I mena, inside Tabla, on the right top you have a Sytar as well. Yes?
Well, that syter allows you to increase/decrese as requested. The only actual limit is that it works only on the shown dates, not on a range of dates selected as the main sytar.

But it is very helpful. What do you think?


Thanks for quick answer and detailed explanation.
Yes I noticed You have it on Tabla, but I was just saying it would be much better if You enable it on sytar.

here is example of why:

a) User have room type STANDARD DOUBLE ROOM, he have max 5 of them.
b) 3 rooms are booked from 13-23 August
c) user create offline reservation for 1 room, from 10-26 August

Now I have 2 options:
1. Go to Sytar choose from 10-13August and enter that current number of available rooms is 4. And do same for range from 23-26 August. Then I have to enter range from 13-25 August and set current availability for these dates on 1.

2. Go to Table select first day 10August and click show 14 days, click Sytar, Decrease of: 1 , for DBLR( double room) and set. Then I have to click next to get to night of 25th August and manually enter number of available rooms for that.

So if You have what I proposed in Sytar, I would just click 10-26August , DECREASE FOR 1, and APPLY. It would be huge time saver. correct?

Thanks again,
but you also have

3) insert reservation in YouBook

This way the system will decrease the availability correctly and automatically.
No? :P
Ah yeah :)
I forgot on it...

But however, I think my proposal would be useful, with YouBook You still have to enter many things before finishing reservation, but it solved my problem.

Thanks a lot,
Suggestion forwarded to development team! :)

Again Ilija, thanks for your help!


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