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New Check-in process in Zak
Dear all,

we are trying to improve the management of your workflow on a daily basis and
as changes and needs are huge, we are doing it step by step. So, basically
this is the first change of the check-in process.

So far the check-in process has been just "visual" by clicking the door icon
you were saying that the customer was "in-house" and already checked in.

From now on, by clicking on the small door for each reservation you will be
sent to a new section, the "checkin section". In this section you can:
- fill in the personal details of all the guests (or part of them)
- print a registration card (customizable and mandatory in some country)
- set the reservation as "checked in"

Please, to customize the extra notes that appear in the footer or the registration card,
do it on "zak/Settings/Documents" by inserting a tezt at the bottom of the page.

This small but important step we do with the new section, is opening a "door" to
many other tools, like the webcheckin, the chance to set meals at the desk at this
step and any other idea you should have and you would share with us.

So, please, open your mind and share your thoughts with us.

Regards :)

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