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Booking confirmation in PDF
Will be great to add this option:)
Thank you
Hello there!

uhm, why are you asking this feature? I mean, unless you have a particular reason, I think it is not a good idea. That is also why OTAs do not confirm reservation through PDF...am I missing something? What do you think?

Maybe I am wrong but do you think that a PDF is more convenient for an invoice (and in our PMS Zak we do offer it) rather than a booking confirmation?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Yes, we send the invoices in pdf, of course, but will be good to have same option for booking confirmation too.
But, what do you think of our current voucher? Is it bas as it is?
Do you think that the format is wrong? It is an email..

Why a PDF dear?Huh
Well, html is ok too, just some guests ask about pdf. Will be good to give them this choice.

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