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Unification of the Encription System for Credit Cards Management
Hi there.

We recently make an update on Zak and, please, we need your collaboration with it.

More details in here:

So as you can see, you have (probably) take action. Any doubt or request, we are here to help you.

Hello I've making some change over the passwords, thanks to your new update.
But where I can set the changes of he three levels of security passw?


Directly from "Security" section in Zak..the only thing is that now (and for a short period ahead) the CC passwrod will be also the Admin password.

I think could be good if each of staff has his individual account with customizable access rights.

That is a powerful and correct idea. That is the "final" goal we cannot score at this moment (we need to re-code some parts) but we are doing our best to offer it sooonishhh..

Stay tuned please. I hope we can surprise you soon.. :)

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