Unification of the Encription System for Credit Cards Management

Dear Zakkers

one of the thousands things we are doing is the unification (as much as possible) of our beloved Zak with WuBook. And as you may know, the most interesting part is the chance to manage and work on reservation details. This means, to be able to manage 100% of  the potential action I have to make on a reservation/client before, during and after the stay.

For this reason, we have to radically modify some section or some process which are now not offering the correct solution to real problems hoteliers may have. For example the section “voucher” is going to become “communication” with guests. It will allow to create templates for automatic or semi-automatic emails, ways of notification, request of payments or guarantees, quotartions, and so on.

The first step towards this goal, has been published today. And startign from today, the password that protect the personal details of your customers (Credit Cards as well as resevation notes) is becoming unique and only one! The Auth Factory (former WuBook) password for CC detals encriptation is going to be the “master” passsword. Finally

But let’s go deeper into details and lets explain what action you should take in any case (depending on how you have configured the account). Always important to check “Security” section in Zak:

  • if both (Zak and Auth Factory) are both not active: no action requeired then. In the future, when you will need to protect the personal details, you will have to do all from the Auth Factory.


  • if Zak layer is not ative but Auth Factory layer is: same as previous case, you will be redirected into the Auth Factory in case you would need to configure it. Everything will be managed in there and from there.


  • if Zak layer is active but Auth Factory (former WuBook layer) is not: your Zak password will be requested and automatically the layer will migrate into the Auth Factory. Basically the main and unique password will become the current Zak password but it will be useful for both platforms (wubook and, obvioulsy, Zak).


  •  if both layers are active already: we will request to insert both password (twice for each layer). Then all the secure datas will migrate from Zak to the Auth and the unique password to access those datas (bth in Zak and WuBook) will be the Auth Factory password (former wubook password for CC details).


Warning: for the 2 former cases we have to migrate internally all the datas and this should take time (few minutes) in which the screen will show you a message (page loading) in the “Security” section of Zak interface. In that case, just be patient and wait for the end of the process.

We are pretty sure that news are welcome but, a part from eventual and possible inconvenience, we would like to request to you comments and suggestions (and even complaints) on it. What we are looking for, is a deep improvement of the service and we are going through some “unconfortable” fase like this (when you are forced to do some maintainance action) to get a better usability. 🙂

Anywya, the first goal we score here, is the chance to check Credit Card details for each reservation directly from Zak interface, using the WuBook password for CC. As easy as it is..

We keep monitoring the process and at your disposal for further details.

Warm regards


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