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Easytobook - Makemytrip migration
Hello everybody!

As you should know Makemytrip acquired Easytobook. Last week they started the migration process from ETB -> Makemytrip platform.

They required us to use a new URL to send (from now on) the updates of Easytobook until we finally complete the connection with Makemytrip. Login credentials for you, as hotelier, will not change.

After implementing this change, we found that few working connections to Easytobook became *inactive* on their new system. Please, check with your Market Manager if you are part of them.

Makemytrip knows about this issue. Their answers are:

Quote:Any hotel wanting to connect again can put an email to our Market management team at : cityaccounts AT easytobook DOT com . We would be more than happy to re-activate the properties.


Quote:We have already communicated to all hotels regarding the transition from ETB to Makemytrip.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any clarification.


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