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Notifications problem
Good morning all,

We have had an issue notifying new reservations from 15:00 CET+1 until this morning. The issue was just related to the email notification and some (not all) were not sent at all.

The problem was due to human error and it has been fixed already this morning.

We are sorry about that and please accept our apologies.

Problems related:

- Clients who made a reservation didnt receive the confirmation via email.
- Property didnt receive email notification of the reservation

*** NOTE: This problem DID NOT affect all reservations/properties. We are still measuring the exact numbers BUT chances are it did not affect your property at all.

*** SOLUTION: We have deployed a tool on MANAGE>FACILITY that will show you a list of all reservations/cancellations/modifications from which you didnt receive the notification so that you are aware of them and can action manually if need be.


I'm suggesting you send an e-mail as soon as you find a problem. If we trust our e-mail servers there is no point to enter wubook, then we miss notifications and reservations.
Please implement this procedure from now on.
Tks and regards.
Hello, could I ask you to send the number of the booking with which we had a problem
Hello AM212.

You should find the list of those reservations on the dashboard of WuBook. When you enter the software you can see a list of bookings related to your account. Those are the affected reservations..

We have problems with a channel Hotelbeds since last week. Now they says that they fix it, but we still have not got a connection with a channel. Is this could be a problem with Wudoo?

Please, let's keep the forum for general suggestions and general stuff. The forum is good to build together discussions with positive suggestions for developing or improving features.

In this case, I suggest you to write to our support team (I also passed your message to them already..).

Thanks and regards
Could you please post a contact details of the support team

Thank you in advance
From our extranet, in WuBook you can contact the support team by clicking on the left bar called "support".
Specify the issue and make all the references needed (reservation number, room code, etc.)

From Zak extranet, you have a botton on the right top. And directly by email just write to:

help AT wubook DOT net


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