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WooDoo - Channel Manager - Current Incidence
Dear all,

Since yesterday we have been going through a very high updates queue on channel manager. For this reason, since few hours we have:

- Given HIGHEST priority to Booking.com and Expedia channels that will be the ones updated earlier than any other channel

- Drastically reduced updates coming from other channels that we have found are too invasive until the updates queue is restore.

We are working on this and trying to go back to normal as soon as possible. Updates for minor channels have been delayed and they could require, differently from the few minutes you’re used to, up to more than half an hour (we are priotizing and making sure that Booking and Expedia are the ones first released and quickly completed).

We do kindly ask you to accept our apologies for this.

Heads up:

We have already registered this kind of situation in the past and we have faced already possible causes for this. Events in the past generating this kind of issue, have been:

- Slowness of certain channels in receiving updates. If some channels get delays in updating, the queue gets slower and longer

- Updates quantity bigger than normal. It can happen that some partners (connecting via XML) send us too many updates to be processed.

We are working in drastically reducing the effect of such updates quantity from our partners (lot has been done already about this) and to make sure that most important channels like Booking and Expedia get their updates with the higest priority.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information or updates regarding this.

Once more, we do strongly apologize for this.

Sales Representative @ WuBook
Web: en.wubook.net
Blog: en.wubook.net/blog/

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