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Corporate Area - why stay simple when can go complicated

Everything was great and cool until.....today.

Here are all bad thought about new corporate area:

1. Logging in - Central area should be USERNAME and PASSWORD and log in. Login area is mostly used by EXISTING customers and not new ones. Simply check Booking.com login or any other website, key is to focus on existing customers in backends. So this huge central CREATE FREE ACCOUNT is useless > use frontend website for this marketing.

2. For phones You could make responsive at least these 3 boxes (login, new account, wubook services) one bellow another , each to be on 100% width, if it is redesign time. So when we have urgent time and need to use phone dont have to loose eyes to find log in inputs.

3. After login everything the same as before, just new icons. That is ok.

4. Entering Corporate Area found No option to see all customers unless enter it's name/account number in search box. We work more than 3 years with You and over 100 properties and sometimes I forgot name of some client. Please put pagination or show all clients option, before was visible all of this.

5. Quick Search - before I could simply enter letter or two and it automatically start search and show found bellow, now not event ENTER button works, instead I must click with mouse on SEARCH button next to it. Before was much easier to use.

6. When I enter specific user/account I am still not inside WuBook , I need to click LOG IN to get there. When I entered Log In I am still not in his wubook as I need to click WUBOOK option. Before I only had 1 click to quick search,write name and click on found account. So compared to before I now need to use: 1 click to go to search, 1 click to start search, 1 click to open account, 1 click to log in, 1 click to open wubook. So 4 clicks more. :(

7. When I click on my Clients WuBook (4th click from corporate) there is a blink of new wauth login page...and then we go to standard wubook. This is a bug perhaps.

8. When I finally get to customer WuBook - There is not way to get back to Corporate. I can only LOG OUT and start all over. Before was simply C. AREA button and we are back in dashboard.

I understand this is new dashboard but if You dont fix these stuff above it will be devastating for anyone with more than 20 properties... so much extra time will have to be spent now to accomplish same tasks.

My vote goes to old version if these 7 points are not solved.
The corporate area is really confusing. The modern design approach is good, but it's hard to work with it.
The new corporate account is not clear ! The previous one was great ! I logged in corporate account, then I went to one of clients, click in login area to enter my clients area and then I want to my previous client because I did not logged out. But if I logged from clients account it logged out also from corporate account and I have to enter again and again username and password ! Not safe for many clients ! And risky to do wrong actions ! Please sea that.

Also I send an email to have all my clients on site and not to imagine who they are, this is not easy to use and good operation. Realize that you have an ERP and try to see your customers but you can not ! After that you are in panic !

In previous corporate account I could easy to see once who is under renew but now it is like imagination and I can not see all my account renewal, customers, etc etc

I do not know if this modification helps ! Thanks
Hi everybody and many thanks for your commentaries.

We understand that the change is huge and can be unconfortable in some case but the idea was to improve and make things better. The advantage are really a lot:

- easier renovation system
- clear costs
- modern interface

Obviously we have left something in the way and we are already working to improve and restore those functions you may need. We have received interesting suggestions on how to improve things and we certainly will.

We switched few hours ago...just let us fix things and have time to correct :)
Hi Daniele,
Just let us know when You do some change.
There are advantages in terms of visualisations but mostly we use wubook as it is very simple and have some very good 'bulk' functioms compared to other cm. Dont take us that :)
I agree with the other corporates that this new approach is a little bit confusing and hard to go from one customer to the other.

I think that keeping it simple should be one of your main goals.

My main issue is that this makes our workflow much more complicated, as we handle 100+ clients and this new interface is not really friendly and it adds too many clicks on our workflow (this means more time!). :(

Some of my suggestion to makes this work are:

1.- Keep always a corporate area button so we can go back to our client list as fast as possible
2.- I really miss being able to check and sort clients through service. Example, we were able to go to ZAK, and see a list of clients with zak, with renovation date, status and a link to it. I beg you find a way we have some way to sort it this way. :idea: Maybe like a report... that works like the old one. So we can access a list of clients for that particular service, and hopefully, we can access it from them.
3.- In the old corporate are we can have a security layer, so we can restrict access to some places. It would be great to have that back or a user interface. I would really prefer to keep things such as margins and invoice private.
4.- Quick search. As in the old platform, just entering a few letters could start searching. This was a really cool and timesaver feature.

For me, it is mandatory to fix this 4 points. Then you can consider adding other features because my workflow is really compromised without them.

As a final note, please whenever you make an upgrade that will make the system inaccessible for 30+ minutes, at least send us a note to inform us about it, so we can take the proper action and inform our clients. Yesterday clients start calling and calling, and I wasn't prepared for it. It was an unnecessary stress for me and my team that could have been avoided with a quick note from you :@

You could also consider sharing a demo before making it live, so we can give us our comments and feedback. This way the implementation wouldn't be so traumatic to us.

Anyway, I hope this change would be for the best. And hopefully in time will get used to it plus you'll add the features we need so our workflow is not compromised and hopefully better in the future.

As always I'm at your disposal for anything you need from my end to make this better.
thanks Felipe.

we take note to all of them and will try to do the best for all of you.

Possibility that new channels on WOODOO are automatically subscribed or at least to have option in Corporate setings 'AUTOMATICALLY RENEW ALL ACTIVE CHANNELS'.

Dear partners,

From 26/11/2017, we begun to collect your feedbacks and we tried to improve the usability of the new system. First of all, I want to kindly ask you our sincere apologies for the big change (which is always challenging) and for having missed some important features you need to better
manage our services.

We have now improved things and we are happy to announce they should normalize and simplify your processes. In particular, to manage the balances of your customers, we allow now:

* Manual approach
* Semi automatic approach
* Automatic approach
* API approach

So finally, please, enter your corporate area and have a look at your control panel. I think you will like it.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2019.
Still 1 major issue: No 'Corporate Area' button when logged to some customer account in wubook/woodoo.

1 UI performance issue: when searching in quick search before customers/accounts would show while typing, now must click on search.

1 Question: Possibility to automatically renew all new WooDoo channels without having to manually subscribe to each of them ?

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