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Corporate Area - why stay simple when can go complicated
11-27-2018, 08:24 AM
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Corporate Area - why stay simple when can go complicated

Everything was great and cool

Here are all bad thought about new corporate area:

1. Logging in - Central area should be USERNAME and PASSWORD and log in. Login area is mostly used by EXISTING customers and not new ones. Simply check login or any other website, key is to focus on existing customers in backends. So this huge central CREATE FREE ACCOUNT is useless > use frontend website for this marketing.

2. For phones You could make responsive at least these 3 boxes (login, new account, wubook services) one bellow another , each to be on 100% width, if it is redesign time. So when we have urgent time and need to use phone dont have to loose eyes to find log in inputs.

3. After login everything the same as before, just new icons. That is ok.

4. Entering Corporate Area found No option to see all customers unless enter it's name/account number in search box. We work more than 3 years with You and over 100 properties and sometimes I forgot name of some client. Please put pagination or show all clients option, before was visible all of this.

5. Quick Search - before I could simply enter letter or two and it automatically start search and show found bellow, now not event ENTER button works, instead I must click with mouse on SEARCH button next to it. Before was much easier to use.

6. When I enter specific user/account I am still not inside WuBook , I need to click LOG IN to get there. When I entered Log In I am still not in his wubook as I need to click WUBOOK option. Before I only had 1 click to quick search,write name and click on found account. So compared to before I now need to use: 1 click to go to search, 1 click to start search, 1 click to open account, 1 click to log in, 1 click to open wubook. So 4 clicks more. Sad

7. When I click on my Clients WuBook (4th click from corporate) there is a blink of new wauth login page...and then we go to standard wubook. This is a bug perhaps.

8. When I finally get to customer WuBook - There is not way to get back to Corporate. I can only LOG OUT and start all over. Before was simply C. AREA button and we are back in dashboard.

I understand this is new dashboard but if You dont fix these stuff above it will be devastating for anyone with more than 20 properties... so much extra time will have to be spent now to accomplish same tasks.

My vote goes to old version if these 7 points are not solved.
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