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ZAK Release 2.6
Dear all

We kick off this week by launching the first phase of the update in Zak that will take 3 days to be completed.
We have decided to do it like that to affect as little as possible your day to day operations. You will still notice some delays but we are hoping are kept to the minimum.

So, the Monday's release includes:

- On Home page we have replaced icons with numbers and more clear data so to give you a better pictures of what's going on that day.
Daily notes have been moved to the left of the page, and there's a new vertical menu bar with the fast links on the right hand side.

- Clients merge tool. Within the Clients tab and will help you delete, merge and update client entries and double entries without losing details. You can enable notifications of double entries detected.

- We have added the invoicing details field to the guests'details page to make it easier to update these when generating an invoice.

- Automatic price calculation. When a reservations gets modified (either room change or dates change), the system will ask if you'd like to: continue with same prices or update a new price

There's more to come tomorrow!

Best regards
Dear all,

We are into the second phase out of 3 of the update release project.

We have re-design completely the logic of the invoicing system making it a lot more flexible.

We have deleted automatisms that prevented the modification of the invoices and receipts to adapt them
more to your needs. Meaning you can now modify docs at the moment of its creation.

On the Reservations page you have the tabs Payments and Invoices.

From Payments tab, you can register actual and future payments as usual though now payments will be shown
on the invoice.

When you raise an invoice, you can modify the services' description, quantity and prices; and add more services
and/or payments.

Also, you can now raise partial invoices that the system will account for when raising a final invoice.

Hope you continue to find useful all these updates and do not hesitate to contact us should need be.

Yes, this new invoice features are useful. Thank you.

But we are receiving a lot of complains from customers with every room line being a quantity of 1 for the whole price.

Even if there is the in & out dates they find this very obscure and we have a lot of extra work to make a proper and professionnel invoice with individual room price, number of nights and total for every room line.

Your actual system is good for packages but is making complains from our customers for regular stays.

Do you have plans for changing this for a more classic and proper invoicing detail lines ? If yes, what time can we expect it ?

Thanks in advance.
Hi DG112,

sorry I don't understand your request.
Can you give me some examples?

(03-01-2019, 01:19 AM)gold Wrote: Hi DG112,

sorry I don't understand your request.
Can you give me some examples?


Hello Elisa, thanks for the quick reply.
Yes i can show you.

1 - In the invoice (see screenshot) you print :

City taxes : quantity 1 - Unit price 25 CHF
room : 1 x 350 CHF

The reality (and you already have information in the system) is :
* City taxes : 5 days x 2 adult x 2,50 CHF = 25 CHF
* Room 23 to 28 fev : 5 nights x 70 CHF = 350 CHF.

Do not hesitate to ask me more info or evidence or let me know if this is something I can adapt automatically from my side on Zak.

And to be more precise, the only case (at least on my side) where a room line with "1 x 350 CHF" makes sense is when this is a special package/deal fro example from wubook ...

But even in this case we should have the detail for City taxes.

When people read the invoice, they are confused and we need to re-explain the (hidden) maths with nights x unit price, etc ...

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Hi DG112,

thank to you for your exposition.
At the moment we don't have the information in our database.
We saved the total and not the details of prices.
So, I understand your request but it's not possible to show the
request informations on the invoice.
We'll think on it.
OK i get your point.
This is a coder/programmer point of view : "we do not store the detail for rooms".

But, the channel manager/wodoo have this detailed information.
I understand that you choosed to not keep it and only keep the total.

I can't see any technical reason for loosing this important (for our hotel and for our customers) information.

So is there any functionnal reason / data model reason for you to loose this information ?

And do you have plans to keep this information.
Our customers already told us that our invoices are not "professional" and seems "obscure" :-( Sometimes they think we do that by purpose. So it is a really bad impact on our image ...

Hope you understand this.

If you have data model or functionnal reason that i miss do not hesitate to let me know.


Mmmm ...

I checked your API and in fact the information is stored (or at least retrievable) in Zak.

Using "https://kapi.wubook.net/kapi/rsrvs/reservation" we get a response including "rooms" field.

"rooms" is an array of objects with the following fields:
- Field name Description
- rrid Reservation-room
- room_name Room name
- date_from Room arrival date
- date_to Room check out date Left date from the room
- adults Number of adults
- children Number of children

And this would allow you to have on every invoice the detailed line i talked about (at least people number, adult, children, number of nights, number of rooms), without changing anything in your data model ...
Sorry to spam this post, but more interesting, you have a Zak API with this invoice information

"Get invoices by number" : This method provides invoices with document-number between a range of numbers.
Url: https://kapi.wubook.net/kapi/invoices/get_by_numbers

Again here your API provide "Services".

"Services" is an array of object with the following fields:
Field name Description
quantity how many units
description service description
unitprice price of one unit
amount amount of service
currency amount currency
tax_amount amount of taxes
tax_rate percentage rate of tax
total total (amount + taxes)

So may be someone gave you a wrong information because your API allow to retreive the missing informations I what talking about on your actual invoices !!!!

In fact, if i'm correct, it is possible to generate invoices with ALL THOSE MISSING INFORMATIONS thru your API.

Again, this seems to show that your data model is ready with everything needed.
Dear all,

Third and last day of our upgrade release phase!

This time we worked on the messages/notifications on the HomePage.

We upgraded all this setup at tech level to make it faster and more user friendly.
By clicking on each message you'll get re-directed to its dedicated page. Within you will be able
to see the first 30 actions on that subject however, by clicking on the [..more] button you will be able
to see all other actions not included on the first result page. (Before it was limited to 30 results max. only)

From now on we will continue working on updating and upgrading some other features that will be
announce in this format when ready, such as: pending reservations, reports and stats, discounts, etc.

.. and we keep working on the ongoing project of the graph restyling of the extranet in general.


Zak team
Hello Zak Team,

Thank you for this new Zak, which is much responsive than the old one!

We just have a problem with the fact that we cannot insert negative payments anymore. Which is a real problem for us. How can we register simple everyday things as guest refunds (by cash, credit card...)?

Usually we go to to Zak/Payments/Cash flow/Credit cards and see if it matches with our payment terminal closure at the end of the day. Same thing with our till, we do Zak/Payments/Cash flow/Cash and check if it matches with our till counting.
Basically we just need the total transactions of cash and credit card to reflect our
day (including the refunds we had to process), but without being able to
insert negative payments it's impossible.

Many thanks for your help on this!

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