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ZAK Release 2.6
03-06-2019, 02:59 AM
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RE: ZAK Release 2.6
I second this remark.

From our point of view an other possibility would also being able to have rebates on reservations (so total would be exact).

But in @JR044 case it would not be clean from accounting point of view.
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03-10-2019, 12:44 AM
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RE: ZAK Release 2.6
Hi all.

I try to answer the requests:

@JR044: would you need to get this info and tool in the reservation details page? Do you think you should have it in there? In terms of balancing the cashflow, you can do it in the proper section of it, inside payments/cashflow. Am I wrong or missing something?

Anyway in my opinion, it should be done inside the reservation details page.. so please, let me know what you think!

@DG112: in my opinion, the info you need is not available in the API. If am not wrong you need a daily production of services exposed line by line in the invoice. Which is not possible to produce right now as my collegue Elisa told you.

My question is: your customers requested this info for an "obscure" image or is there any legal or specific need to do so? Because we can and we should improve invoices, making them better and more elegant, of course. We also could allow a more customizable document, that would be good.

But just to understand (cause your requirements seems to be not so common so far) do you think this is just a matter of obcsure image and your customers need more clarity or is there any hidden legal requirement in your request?

p.s.: the daily rate, in many other cases a part from Expedia and, is a dream to be fetched Smile With this I mean that not all the provider send us the real daily rate on the API and in such cases we should (I think) calculate a medium daily rate to produce an invoice like you need Smile

JR044 and DG112: MANY MANY thanks for your collaboration. We are working hard to improve this young PMS to become a very performant tool. With your help we will do it! Big Grin

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03-13-2019, 08:28 PM (This post was last modified: 03-13-2019 08:48 PM by DG112.)
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RE: ZAK Release 2.6
Hello White,
Thanks a lot for talking about features and practice. Appreciated.

1. Negative payments : I agree with you White.

- this could belong to the "reservation screen",
- and could be done as a "payment" in this part of reservation screen.
- you could add a payment type "refund" to your actual typology
- when saving the payment you can enforce a negative value for this king of refund.
- then your balance would be clean, same with accounting book entries.

2. Better informations on invoices.

Yes I understand that **all** we need cannot be done right now.
But i feel that we can fill the gap between a dream and perfect invoice and the actual one.

For your first question : yes it is a legal obligation. I'll quote at the bottom of this post (in french sorry)
You will see that each line should have the more detail possible.

From what I understand of the actual API and information saved in database, i think we can improve a little bit each line with :

At the moment I have a invoice with :

Room : My Room
Date : 17/04 - 21/04
Quantity : 1
Unit price : 280 CHF
Taxes : 3,7 %
Total : 280 CHF

My proposal is to change (with your actual database and informations) for this :

Room : My Room
Date : 17/04 - 21/04
Quantity : 4
Unit price : EMPTY or CALCULATED (you can even have an option proposed when creating the invoice) or REAL (if available)
Taxes : 3,7 %
Total : 280 CHF

- Do NOT put quantity "1" whatever the stay is. Put the "number of nights".
- If unit price is not available just do not put it or calculate an average rate. Even let the user chooses what is best for him.

So no individual price for each line, I understand this is not possible at the moment, but for the clients we are closer to a detailed line. And above all it is not perceived as "false".
And we are closer to what is mandatory for our invoices.

##### For private clients

Les mentions suivantes doivent obligatoirement figurer sur la note :
- la date,
- le nom, l’adresse, la raison sociale de l’établissement (pour les hôtels : la catégorie, le numéro de la chambre),
- le détail des prestations fournies et leurs prix (pour les hôtels : la durée du séjour),
- le total à payer avec identification du service au taux pratiqué par l’établissement, et le montant hors taxe et TTC.

### For professional clients

La facture doit comporter les mentions suivantes :

- Les prestations fournies,
- Le prix unitaire hors taxes,
- Le taux de TVA légalement applicable,
- Le total hors taxes et la taxe correspondante pour chaque taux d’imposition,
- Le montant total de la taxe à payer.

More information for example here :
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