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Good Afternoon you all!

A quick message to tell you that we have been contacted by Agoda Home, a branch of the most famous portal Agoda that take care of the Vacation Rental market (homes, apartments, villas, etc.) with the simple aim of promoting their services and our good collaboration (both technical and personal) we have been building along the last few years.

We as channel manager and PMS provider have connected Agoda few years ago and due to our huge volumes are recognized as a good partner also from this important "player". And this status allows us to provide you with great opportunities.

So, what does Agoda Home offer?
Simple. They asked us to promote their services to those of you that interested in having more visibility and to register an account on their portal, which most important features and services are explained on this FILE.

As you may read they do not request any commission to you directly and they only ask you to register an account, easily and very quickly. Insert your accommodation on their portal and manage it through the channel manager you already use (WuBook).

Also, you can imagine that they are interested in rewarding us for huge number of registrations, and as you already know, we are not so used to this kind of "compensations". We prefer to forward to you all eventual benefits from this promotion.

For this reason we will offer 3-month channel manager connection for free to all those of you that decide to apply toi this promotion.

So, if this is clear so far, I would like to explain the process step by step to get live on Agoda Home and connected to the channel manager of WuBook:
1. please click on this LINK and complete the form
2. Agoda will be notified and will create an account for you (with pictures, descriptions, etc.)
3. you will be notified by Agoda when the account is done and they will give you the OTA ID you need to connect the channel manager WooDoo
4. once you have the ID of Agoda with you, just access our tool and go to the WooDoo section, add Agoda and configure the connection as you did for all the rest of OTAs
5. get reservations directly from Agoda Home into WuBook

we have tried to automatize the process as much as possible to avoid your involvement but please, let me know in case of doubt. If you have questions, enquiries or need support, do not hesitate to contact us (our support online) or post an answer on this thread.

Warm regards
Qualora una struttura sia gia' registrata su Agoda ed utilizzi il relativo canale WooDoo, deve comunque rifare tutto per Agoda Home oppure la registrazione avviene automaticamente ?



Se sei giá registrato su Agoda allora non serve fare nulla al riguardo. Sei giá presente sui loro portali.
I do not trust the OTAs
At first it's free, then once you're hooked, you must pay...
I prefer to invest in my bathrooms, paintwork and mattresses, my customers thank me for that and make free advertising

I like your point of view but one investement does not exclude another. Also, I think you should consider cost/benefit to correctly evaluate it. Being on many OTAs is also a way to get more visibility.

OTAs are not the devil. They are companies working to make incomes.. which does not mean that this is always convenient for you. But if they are not useful at all, they should disappear and they don't :)
Il link per l'iscrizione ad Agoda Home, che rimanda all'indirizzo http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5125859/AgodasignupWuBook , non funziona.

Riporta il seguente errore:
An Error?!
Don't worry, we got the whole crew looking into this.
Some things to try:

Hit the Back button on your browser and retry
Check our status page for site-wide updates
Send our amazing support team an email:
Si ciao.

C'é un problema con il servizio del Form di Agoda. Ci hanno detto che sistemeranno presto.
Nel frattempo puoi mandarmi un email con i dati del tuo alloggio a

white AT wubook DOT net

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