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Online Reception: Zak!
Dear Wubookers,

after many months of hard work, I am happy to announce a first version of the native Online Reception of our PMS Zak.

We are consolidating, testing and making sure everything is working well.

If you want to try it with us, you can:

* Take a look at the Zak control panel, in the configuration section: https://wubook.net/zks/pos/orecept/
* Open your Online Reception by clicking on the new icon on the right menu
* Generate a Widget from the control panel and add it to the website, or a simple click to try it quickly.
* Try this testing property: https://wubook.net/neb/bk/?ep=f40a4555

We are still in Beta (testing) phase. But the product is clear and completely
functional. So everyone who's more prepared for the unexpected could implement it already.

Let me briefly describe the strengths of the new Online Reception:

1. Multiple Rates
Zak's online Reception takes advantage of Zak's modern rate system. Obviously complying with
derivations, which allow you to manage sales actions in a very fast and efficient way.
Composing your own solutions is easy and intuitive: you can associate board and policy to each rate.

2. Multiple products e Super products
While rates and their derivations allow the management of policies and boards, the products allow
price variation according to the occupancy. As you know, the modern derivation system is valid also for products.
Finally, the Super Products (communicating rooms or sales of an entire house composed of several apartments, or at least several connected units) are a very good solution to a problem to which no OTA (and many competitors) have not yet given solutions.

3. Professional design
You can see with your own eyes the great steps forward in design of the new Online Reception. The system is full responsive (we're also checking every detail here).

4. Minisites
We designed the new Online Reception conceiving the opportunity to provide not only a Booking Engine, but also real mini-sites for those properties that do not have great marketing needs, but simply need to have a website of recognition.
But right now this is just a possibility: let's see if our audience will like it. We'll develop it better, in case.

5. Galleries, texts and articles
You can design your own Online Reception with galleries, texts and articles. During the booking process you can offer an environment that is not only commercial-oriented, but also representative and customer-friendly.

6. I also want to remind you, that we've tried to focus on your relationship with the guest. I truly believe that the strength of a Booking Engine is the costumer experience and its capacity to be close to customers.
I think that the Online Reception should also play a role of relational mediation, not only technical.
Probably not even a 5% or 10% lower price could convince a customer to prefer a hotel site to his usual OTA: on the OTA he's already been using so many times the user feels comfortable. And protected. But just in case the guest wants to have a dialogue with the property, the site and the Online Reception become of value. And when the Online Reception fulfills this communication need, it can get really precious. See also point below.

7. Semi-digital quote system
The contact form for a request produces a "quote". Quote requests generated by the Online Reception are immediately displayed on your favorite Dashboard. And things get interesting when you have to manage them. Zak offers a system to write a customized reply, including a quick link to confirm a reservation.
Moreover, the customized reply takes advantage of the excellent Messaging and Templating system we developed and released a few weeks ago:


8. Widget (we are just finishing the last details)
It is, like the Online Reception itself, very well designed. Also, compared to Wubook's online reception, now you don’t have to call the webmaster if you want to change some settings. You just have to change the options on Zak's control panel. And your website will update automatically.

9. Finally, other (there are many) things that I hope are worth mentioning: we currently support6 languages. But we can easily add new ones.

About 150 currencies. It is possible, for non-European countries, to manage online reservations with different currencies.

Occupancy management through products finally makes it possible a good balance between price variation depending on occupancy and over-articulation that some of you appreciate so much.
By having the chance to specify Adults, Teenagers, and Children, you can have at the same time excellent management flexibility and very good usability by the end-user.

Discount codes.

Customizable layout.

Best solution to be confirmed with a click.

Extras and experiences.

Sorting of rooms by occupancy or price.

Filtering per board.

So many things are going on already. A lot of things have to be done soon. As always.

And so many things we have in mind to improve and develop this last great effort of the WuBook Family, that finally makes Zak a powerful, complete, affordable solution.

It has an affordable price and it is extraordinarily modern at the same time.

Thank you all for your cooperation and attention.

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