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Zak Property Management System: Release April 2020
Dear WuBookers,

the developments of WuBook are running steadily with the only goal of always providing you with a quality software, modern and
complete. So here we are ready to announce a new release, full of features and improvements that touch different aspects of ZAK.

It is important to remember that, in addition to updates and improvements, all the operations of bug fixing and maintenance are still constant and non stop by our developers.

Below you can find the new features that you will find in ZAK from next Monday:

- Mandatory Costs on ZAK Booking Engine!
It will be possible to set an Extra as "Mandatory" for our rooms/Apartments on sale on ZAK Booking Engine.
You will find the new section of the Mandatory Costs in the Online Reception section on ZAK.

- Creation of a Time Range
On ZAK Booking Engine, it has been added the opportunity to create a Time Range for any Mandatory Costs, Discounts and Extras.
For example, it will be possible to establish a period of validity for a Promo Code or to set a particular period of sale for one of your extras.

- Big news for the Planner!
Our Planner is surely one of the most used tools by all of you so we have worked to add new features to it.
We have developed the possibility of adding Daily Notes and displaying them directly above the day concerned.
Regarding the Hot Dates, has been introduced the possibility of chosing between 3 priority levels in order to distinguish, also with different colors, if that event is of high, medium or low importance.

- Other important Improvements for ZAK Booking Engine.
The ZAK Booking Engine is a fundamental tool and it is evolving very quickly thanks to the work of our developers.
In this release we have increased the Maximum Stay for the reservations coming through ZAK Online Reception from 32 to 120 days; then we have also added the opportunity to add more than one Whatsapp number in the Messaging section.
Regarding the Rates, we made sure that they must all be activated manually, in order to avoid the risk of selling on yourown site, with the rate of an OTA. This means that even the Standard rate can be disabled now.
The last important improvement of the Booking Engine is the self-assignment of a physical room when its typology is booked. It will be possible
choose whether or not to activate this feature.

- News for the ZAK Booking Engine Widget.
We have good news also for the Widget of our Booking Engine: in addition to the previously announced Mini Layout, the Vertical Layout has also been created. This means that it will be easier to integrate our widget for all those who have little space on their website or for those who want to insert it in a side column. For both these Layouts, we have enriched the related Documentation in order to make it much more exhaustive.

Another functionality has been added for our Widget: it shows the Best Price straight inside the widget box. The Widget will show the
best price available on our Booking Engine and, if activated, will make the comparison between that price and those shown on the OTA.
Last, but not least, improvement is the Smart Calendar: when an arrival date is selected on the Widget window, the dates without availability
will be crossed out.

- Inline Documentation updated
We have added more contents to the Inline Documentation within ZAK. In particular, we have enriched the section of Derived Rates
from another currency.

- Inventory tracker
We have added the Tracker on ZAK (on WuBook is called Monitor): it is a tool that allows you to check which have been the latest operations carried out on ZAK on a specific type of room and the impacts they had. With such an instrument, it becomes easy and immediate to find any errors.

- Vouchers
After the new release, you will receive a notification, in the form of a Voucher, for every reservation received by the Channel Manager.
You will find many useful informations shown on this Voucher, for example all the informations transmitted directly by the OTA that
received the reservation (the same ones you're finding in the Channel Info section) and the Cancellation Policy of the OTA itself.
Still inside the new Voucher, we added the City Tax information relating to that reservation.

- Estimates
Everytime a request for an Estimate is received by your ZAK Booking Engine, you will receive a notification directly in ZAK.

- French Invoices (just for French market)
NF525 compliance and Vat Taxes distribution on multiple levels with different vtax settings depending on the invoices object.

We remain, as always, open and available to listen to your requests and suggestions.
We will be back soon with other news related to the WuBook world, in the meantime .. stay tuned!

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