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Zak APP: one year already!
Dear WuBookers,

this week we want to celebrate our ZAK App: in fact 12 months have passed since the beginningt of its development by our WuBook developers.

Let's all remember this year of work together with some numbers:
- 47 releases in these 365 days
- 817 Android unique active devices in the last month
- 101 iOs unique active devices in the last month

ZAK PMS by WuBook App is downloadable on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store and is one of the most used tools
of our PMS ecosystem. In line with WuBook philosophy, our application is constantly growing and evolving with innovative
new features added every release.
These were the main releases of this first year of work:

September 2019 - Official release of the ZAK App on the PlayStore and App Store
October 2019 - TABLA were added to the App
November 2019 - Improvements of our scanning technology for MRZ codes of all the IDs.
December 2019 - Room status change and other useful actions for the reservations from the App

The latest version od the App was released. It includes three brand new features:

- Tetris mode directly on the App!
Finally our famous Tetris mode of the Planner lands on your Smartphone.

- Brand new search mode
Finding a guest or a reservation has become easier and immediate.

- Adding or removing a room inside a reservation, directly from the App

As usual, [/font]we invite you to leave your feedbacks and your suggestions for further improvements of
our App. Obviously new releases and new improvements will follow the development of ZAK.
See you soon and as always .. Stay Tuned !!
ZAK App funziona solo con il nuovo ZAK o anche con quello vecchio ?
Io sto usando ancora quello vecchio e nella app non mi appare l'occupazione camere.



La APP di Zak funziona solo per la nuova versione del PMS, mentre per quella precedente non ci sono APP disponibili.
TI consiglio vivamente di migrare alla nuova, non solo per la APP ma per le tante migliorie che sono state fatte.
Direi che sono proprio due prodotti diversi.

Se hai bisogno di aiuto puoi ocntattare l'assistenza (per la migrazione dico)

Un saluto cordiale

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