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Release Zak - 3rd June 2020
Dear WuBookers,

a couple of very interesting improvements for ZAK are already online.
We worked again on the vouchers and then we added a brand new tool designed for those who decide
to switch from another PMS to ZAK.

Changing the PMS is always an operation that frightens those who are about to do it. Over the years, several informations about the guests are collected
in our PMS but, when it's time to change software, the risk of losing them becomes real.
To make the transition to ZAK much smoothier, we designed a tool that allows you to import the databases of your old PMS (in CSV format).
The PMS Switch can be found in the SETTINGS -> CONFIGURATIONS -> PMS SWITCH section.
We focused on the data import for those customers who come from Ericsoft and for whom our Tool requires a particular Excel file.
However it will be possible to import data from all the other PMS that manage to export an archive in CSV format.

We have released the final version of the guest Voucher, also known as personal reservation page.
We remind you that, within this personal area, the guest can find all the information about his reservation, the amounts and the cancellation policies.
From this page, the guest can also check-in online by entering his personal data in an
Arial, sans-serif]encrypted and safe
In the same 100% safe way, he can also add his credit card details.
The great improvement that completes this useful "interactive voucher" is that the guest can now cancel the reservation directly from the Cancel Reservation
subsection within the voucher. In this case will be considered the cancellation rule associated with the reservation.

We want to remind you that, in addition to our beloved foum, you can visit the official WuBook blog which contains all the releases and improvents of ZAK, news from the hospitality indistry and many other information related to the WuBook world.

Have a nice day and.. stay tuned.[/font]

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