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Channel manager: Smartbox Connected
Hi everyone.

We are happy to announce our new connectivity to Smartox, the number one in gift experience!
Please, find more information on our Blog:


As always if you need help and support, do not hesitate to contact us!


Great news. Lots of hoteliers use SmartBox.  I understand that most of them work with SmartBox on a request basis. I.e. the customer calls the hotel and says: "I have a smartbox and your hotel is featured.  Do you have availability for the week of the .... ".  and then the hotelier can accept or decline.

So my question would be: "Can the interface also handle these types of requests or does it need to be CONFIRMED reservation"?
Hi there!

Well, this is the answer of our collegues at Smartbox:

Quote:No, our integrations with channel managers do not support this type of ‘request’ booking. If a hotel opts into connecting with Smartbox via WuBook, their availability will be live on our website for customers to make bookings instantly, and only confirmed bookings will be sent via the interface.

So definitely, the hotels interested in connecting have to switch into free sale Bookings model.

I keep at disposal if you need further information


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