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Booking.com: Issue on Reservation Retrival
Dear customers and partners

unfortunately Booking.com have had issues on reservations notification this morning. It has been impossible to fetch reservations into the channel manager during 1 hour and half:

Quote:Dear Connectivity Partner,

We were experiencing a problem with reservation messages. API calls to retrieve reservations got unexpected responses.

[b]Start time:[/b] 12:45 CEST
[b]End time:[/b] 14:02 CEST

[b]Root cause:[/b]
An updated code prevented our message delivery system to work properly causing all messages to be stalled. The changes were reverted.

All messages were delayed to be received, therefore, all providers were affected including emails to guests and properties.

Kind regards,
Booking.com Connectivity Team

Now, reservations will be integrated and all has been restored. For any specific need please do not hesitate to contact us.


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