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Kylix Spring Release
Hi Zakers,

among the many news coming to Zak for this spring, we are ready to expand the functionality
of our Kylix restaurant module as well.

The main novelties of this new version are:

Fixed price menu

Many have asked for them, and finally here they are: from the menu settings, it will now be
possible to create even fixed price menus (both fixed meals and multiple choice meals).
The particularly interesting thing is to be able to assign, already in configuration phase, to
each meal category (of a fixed menu) a specific order of service (service shift): in this way
when you print the order, you will find all the meals already ordered for the service.
As always, we have tried to make everything as flexible as possible: so the system will also
allow you to use, within the same order, both fixed menus and "à la carte" menus.

Restyle of the webapp

With the arrival of fixed menus, we took the opportunity to refine the Kylix webapp, going
to make both graphic improvements and, more importantly, usability improvements: we
believe that now everything is more intuitive, fast and ergonomic for the waiter.

Printing of a single service shift

Now it is possible, from the webapp, to print a single service shift: so it will be easier for
the kitchen personal to sort orders, and will be also easier to assign the prints between
the various printers (for example, to send the service shift with all the drinks to the bar's
printer, while the order with meals is sent to the kitchen).

List of meals in reservation detail page

When the bill is loaded on a hotel's reservation, it will be possible to review the entire
order within the reservation detail page.
In addition, the non-fiscal pre-bill is now also printable from the reservation detail page,
so that if the guest has to sign the pre-bill, you can do everything from that page.

Automatic update of the overview

When a waiter takes an order from mobile (with the webapp), the desktop overview
will be automatically updated.

Thank you for the support you have given us and for all the feedbacks you have given

to improve Kylix!

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