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Zak Summer Release
Dear Zakers,

On Tuesday, 18 July, a new Zak release will be online, full of improvements and news you have requested.
(Don't worry, we will not upset your Zak during this high season!!! 😄

Here are all the details:

- New Report section access: to simplify the menu, we have moved the reports section to the top right,
next to the search band.

- Graphic restyle of the Documents section with:
  - New filters to make searching easier
  - Possibility to sort search results according to several parameters
  - Overview of the sending status of your documents
  - Export options grouped in a single button

We remind you that in the next releases we will improve the Documents page by introducing also
new functionalities!

PS: the old Documents page will still be available for a while.

- Google Analytics 4: possibility to update Google code on MiniSite and Online Reception

- Hot dates on Tabla: same function as Hot dates on the planner and zView

- Zcrm estimates: price display for each service can be activated in the control panel

- Room type sorting: it is now possible to sort room types in addition to products and physical rooms
for YouBook and Zcrm.

- Language detection of Cancellation policy: we set a new priority order for the policies language:
  1. customer language
  2. English
  3. property language

- Reset of guarantee methods: for reservations guaranteed by 'billing authorisation' and
'freezing money', it is now possible to reset the guarantee (in case of expired or invalid card)

- Improved Booking Engine iframe for Safari/Ios: galleries and modals now display correctly
if you use browsers such as Safari and Ios as operating system.

- General report improvements
   - room report: we added the room setup
   - movements report: we added the unpaid amount

- New section for boards and meals settings
   - we moved the 'configuration' section of the statistics within the zak settings
   - it is now possible to set different prices for meals, depending on the period

...work in progress

- New Statistics
After months of hard work, we can say that they are coming soon.
We will take Zak statistics to a new professional level: we are sure they will meet your needs!

- Mobile App
We are working on a completely new version: StAy TuNeD

Thanks for your support as usual,
see you soon!

_WuBook Staff_

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