New channel available in Woodoo: Prestigia

Dear Wubookers,

Our fantastic team of technitians work non stop trying to make WooDoo Channel Manager more powerful and completed all the time. This time by adding a new online channel which means a new market opportunity for you to offer your property.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Prestigia as a new available channel.


Originated in Morroco and specializes on top end hotels, with a 5,000 strong data base of properties in Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Argentina and a website translated into Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

In consequence, today kicks in a 2 week WooDoo Promo that gives you 6 months free service to Prestigia when you activate it before the 8th of April.

If you have not created a Prestigia account yet, you can do so from this link and then manage it all from WooDoo.

Best Regards,

2 thoughts on “New channel available in Woodoo: Prestigia

  1. Dear all value guests,

    We would like to invite you to stay with us. It is a bungalow, privately design with Eco resort concept. It is located in the fresh rice filed in the rural outskirts of Siem reap town about 7 km from the Angkor complex and 9 km from down town.

    We do expect to receive your booking and in exchange the experience of our local culture!


    Sokun Ang
    Managing director

  2. Dear all value guests,

    We are looking forward to provide our local experience of the ox-cart tour, local breakfast and food, local transport to town as included in our room rate.
    Please read comment about me in trip advisor in B&B rank n*
    Angkor rural boutique

    All the best,

    Sokun Ang
    Managing director

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