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New prices kick in tonight!
Dear all,

One last recap about this new update kicking in tonight.

It has been already discussed and explained on the forum and blog:

Forum: https://en.wubook.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=387
Blog: https://en.wubook.net/blog/our-prices-ar...t-article/

Hereafter a list to better understand the process:

1) I am on the Commission Model: what should I do?

The commissions will now be managed from "transactions". The commercial model remains untouched. The commissions will be monitored now from the Auth Factory under the section Invoices/Transactions

2) The renewal section has dissapeared!! How do I renew my services?

Now is all much more simple. We have developed a single dedicated page from which you will be able to renew all services. You will be able to access this page from the AuthFactory under Invoices/ Services

3) The auto-renewal still works with Coins?

No. If you use the auto-renewal with Coins then you will have to reconfigure it.
It will not be based on Coins anymore, instead you will need to configure a valid credit card to set up the auto-renewal. In this way you won´t need to prepay for the services but we will charge your card automatically every moth for whatever services you have used.

The configuration of the auto-renewal is in the AuthFactory under Invoices/ Services

It will still be possible to manage your auto-renewal with deposit payments should you prefer that option.

4) How do screenscrapping channels are affected?

The monthly price of these channels has been paired up with that of xml channels.

5) The expiry date of my services will be affected?

Absolutely not. Every service that has been renewed before the change of prices takes place will remain valid under the previous conditions and until the next expiry date.
Only screenscrapping connections that, if you had them in the free version, will be updated with a 2 month period, and request payment once that period is past.

6) I am a corporate account?

The price on screenscrappping connections will apply. Same as point 4.

7) What will the new prices be?

- The channels´connections will be at 6€ per month up to 3 channel connected (from 4 to 5 channels the price is of 5€ month; and from 6 channels up the price is of 4€ each per month).

- The booking engine will be at 27€ per month

- Zak will be at 22€ per month. It will accept monthly renewals

PS: the updates will be many many. We ask you and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,


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