Our prices are about to change! Important article.

Dear WuBookers,

In the next couple of weeks, begining of September to be more precise, we will be changing the commercial approach of the channel manager and the booking engine.


We want prices to be independent for the channel manager and booking engine. Right now, the price of the channel manager depends on whether you use the booking engine or not (3€ per channel if you do and 6€ per channel if you do not use the booking engine). The inconvinience of this approach is that when the booking engine expires so do all your channels connected and we feel that´s wrong. Therefor the decision of making each tool completely independent.

In addition, we want to make the payment and renovation process much more clear and simple. First, we will release a single interface to manage renovations of all booking engine, channel manager and Zak, the PMS:



With this interface you won´t have to access 3 different menus to renew your services.

Also, we want to simplify the auto-renew option so that you do not have to manually make payments on a monthly basis. Instead you will be able to set up the auto-renew so that the system renews your services automatically each month. All these without deposit payments (coins), but with an approach similar to what Amazon or Netflix do nowadays, with a charge to your credit card. Same conditions as ever though, you will be able to deactivate the monthly charge on 1-click.

We are still working on final numbers but we can tell you already that the price of the booking engine will be decreased, while the price of the channel manager will be increased. We have considered all possible scenarios and at the end we ensure that individual prices even though modified will almost remain untouch.

Another important aspect we are looking at and want to be completely trasnparent about is that of the channels connected in Screen Scraping Technology.

Info: this type of connection is used for those channels which, because of a technical underdevelopment; commercial decision; or own filosophy – do not offer their own partners the possibility to manage their extranet from the channel manager. In these cases we have developed a robot that goes into their extranet to do exactly what you would do if you were to update the extranet manually: access the extranet and updates all data as if by human intervention.

Screen Scraping is less reliable than a certified interface and up to now we were offering these channels on half price or even for free. However, we won´t be making this dinstinction anymore. These channels in fact require a much closer maintenance and our developers are pretty much on call 24/7 sorting out emergencies that involved many hours of hard work to sort out. While we assume and are used to work under preassure we also feel we need to considerate and give the correct value to the huge work behind each integration.

Therefore, the cost of screen scraping channels will be leveled to that of certified interface (Like booking.com and expedia, for example).

Finally, we have taken the opportunity to improve several aspects of the management of our services WuBook. For example:

  • Multi-Property: you can renew services of different properties in a single invoice
  • Notification Email of the expiry date of a service will be much more clear
  • Unification of the management of services (from the Auth Factory)
  • Auto renew (optional) on monthly basis per service, without deposits
  • New interface for the activation of the different OTAs to the channel manager

This is a preview of the new interface to activate OTAs to the channal manager:


Thanks very much as ever for the interest in this post. We will continue to update you with final pricing strategy as soon as we have it definitely confirmed: there´s a “all WuBook offices” meeting schedule for end of August and so news should be available by begining of september.

Best regards,


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