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Improvement of online reception
Dear partners,

We have a suggestion about Improvement of online reception:
Add button, which will return a guest to the previous page of the online reception. At the moment it is only possible to make with Backspace button.

Warm Regards,
Hello there.

Did you check this update? https://en.wubook.net/blog/hotel-booking...good-news/

What do you think?

Hello, Dear partners.

That's a good news! but nothing about button, which will return a guest to the previous page of the online reception. Is it possible to realise this button?
Hi again.

Same as before, which is the aim of this button? Why should you prefer to have a button to return back or go to the beginning step at certain process step?

Please explain us a bit more your need.

Thanks and warm regards

The aim of this button - ability for guests go at the previos step to change dates, room category, extras. Now it is impossible to go back and change something.
So, if guest change his mind and solve for example add some extras or make reservation another category he have to do it from the beggining.

That is nice idea... or may be "basket" could get a possibility to add an option....
"basket" - it will be very comfortable for guests!

I am sorry for my late reply :)
Anyway, I do not get your idea. On our Reservations Online System you can easily change parameters with a simple click (and without the really unconfortable way to go steps backwards) and get new results dependings on the changes.

And on the right top of the booking engine you have always (during the full reservation process) the "basket" you mention. So, I really do not understand what you are requesting...


About basket. This basket only for information - guest have no ability to cancel smth. He just have to start from the begining.
Maybe will be possible to add "X"-button that can cancel rooms or extras?

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