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Hotel Booking Engine: Good News..

Good News on the version of our booking engine. Some of you already noticed the changes overall those of past months on our reservation system: the layout  restyling and other correction of functionalities like Bids and special offers.

In short, we are improving constantly and the aim is always the same: increasing the conversion percentage of our reservation system (and by that, your conversion percentage on online direct sales!).

To be quick, what I would like to announce is the chance to build easily a new widget to install on your website (the HTML script to copy/paste). It seems to be useless confirm the importance of having a well, easy and intuitive widget to make your visitors click on it and convert them into guests.

It has to be responsive, clear, without foolish information and, last but not least, attractive and “sexy”. These were the ideas and the goals. This is the result:

horizontal_widgetYou also have the chance to manage a lot of options once generating the HTML code, such as border colors, buttons colors, icons and texts. Settings are clear on our dashboard: :


The hacker you have inside had already noticed there is no chance to specify width anymore. This is because it is already adaptive (the widget will adapt to the width of the page in a very responsive way). So, the mobile and tablet experience will be the best!


You can manage colors of buttons and icons separately to adapt them 100% to the layout and style of your website. The most hackers of you can also insert CSS rules to modify it (as always!!).

We really hope that his new tool will make you happy and will increase the number of converted visitors. Please, let us know your opinion!

Talk soon!

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