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Zak release: Tuesday, 7 February
Hello zakers,

Tuesday, 7 February we will release a new version of our PMS Zak:
as always we have collected your feedbacks to enrich the features
of the software.

Here are the main changes.


It is now possible to insert multiple custom domains, specifying
a "Master" one, where a customer will be redirected when he enters
one of the registered domains.
This possibility finally allows you to manage domains with
or without the "www" prefix. You can add, for example:


if the master is the domain with "www", when the customer types
"mydomain.com" he will automatically be redirected to


In 2023, among the main objectives, there will also be the reframe
of the entire Accounting area.
In this release, we started to redo the entire Payments page, with
a complete reframe, bringing a new, more tidy and clean graphic,
adding some useful features and new filters, such as research by
customer, the payment source (Reservation, Cashflow, Kylix, Document),
the possibility to sort the most important columns of the table in
ascending or descending order.
Furthermore, if a payment involves several documents and/or several
reservations, all the documents and all the associated reservations
will be shown.

At first, the old page will continue to exist (you can switch to it
using a button), to give you time to settle in with the new page,
but it will be removed soon.

Kylix (Restaurant Module)

As requested by many, we have included a complete report with all the
information necessary to keep under control the performance of your
restaurant and/or bar.

Channel Manager

Booking.com channel: Possibility to set the prices for the various
occupancy from Zak (as is already possible for Expedia).


- We have added a new color to quickly identify reservations coming
from the online reception (as always, this color is freely customizable
from settings).
- Another highly requested feature is the addition of a quick search
field within the planner: through this function, you can search for
a reservation by its code, or by the name of the booker.
If this reservation is within the dates displayed in the planner, it
will be highlighted to make it immediately recognizable.
The same will happen when you view the planner starting from a booking
detail: this one will immediately be highlighted in the planner.


- For each type of room, it is now possible to enter a minimum and a
maximum price: these prices will be respected by tabla and Zym.
The price you set previously in each Room type setting, will become
the "default price", so as not to affect the prices of your rooms.

- In the translation tool (used for "Contents" and cancellation
policies), the description field it is now optional, as actually some
content may not need this field.

What will 2023 await us?

As already anticipated, we are working on the reframe of the Accounting
area. What does it mean?
In addition to redoing all the already existing pages (Documents, Balance
Sheet, Cashflow, Cash Closing) we aim to introduce cost centers, new forms
of payment (including IBAN), an improved tax drawer, and other

Online Reception
Work on the new version of the Online Reception is in the pipeline, with
so many beautiful and interesting news, we are sure you will not be

But it doesn't end here :-)


We're preparing Zak's new stats: here too we are at a good point, it
won't take long to see them operational.

Mobile App

The time has come to also think about improving the experience of Zak
in mobility: a whole new mobile app will arrive, to keep under
control your property even when you are not in the hotel in front of
the main desktop PC.

As you can see, we are moving on many fronts, to improve more and more
your PMS.

We also would like to inform you of a forthcoming change in our pricing
structure. After careful consideration, we have decided to implement a
modest price increase in WooDoo Meta Searches, effective from 01/04/2023.
This decision was not taken lightly and was driven by a combination of
factors, including that Google and Trivago have decided to dismiss their
programs (Book on Google and Trivago Express Booking) that allowed the
guest to book directly from their interface, without going through the
Booking Engine.
For this reason, we've decided to set a price of €8/month for each
Metasearch (Google, Trivago or TripAdvisor).
Regarding Google, the commission will become 10% instead of the actual
Rest assured that we have worked hard to minimize the impact on our
valued customers and are confident that the new pricing will still
represent great value for money.

Thanks for staying with us.
Dear Zak,
Am also looking forward to having an option of converting reports into pdf. Currently its only supporting csv files.
Dear Zaker,

even if not directly from the Zak interface, you can already print reports in PDF:
in fact, after downloading them in csv format, from the spreadsheet Print window,
you can select "Print as PDF".

However, your request is also shared by other users: we have noted it up, and
we will evaluate whether to insert a PDF print function directly from the Zak

Thank you!
Following some minor changes post-release, we published a second post
to talk about this news. You can see the discussion at the following link:



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