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Zak February release: UPDATE
Hi Zakers!

After the release of a few days ago, already introduced here:


there is a new small update to add and change the following features.

Airbnb commissions

Now, within the Airbnb channel, in the options, you can choose how to
receive Airbnb reservations, i.e. whether you want to receive them net
or gross of Airbnb commissions.

Until now, Airbnb bookings were integrated into Zak WITHOUT the
commission, therefore net.
But now you have the opportunity to choose the option that you prefer.
It is good to point out that enabling the integration WITH commissions
could have some contraindications, as if the customer has already
paid that amount to Airbnb, then by registering the price without
commissions in Zak, the reservation would be reported as insolvent.
If, on the other hand, the reservation is paid in full, the customer will
end up paying the commissions twice.
However, our team is working to implement payment to third parties.

Also, always for Airbnb, it is now possible to set directly from Zak the
security deposit (deposit in case of damage).

Planner: check-in/check-out icons

Probably some of you have already noticed that in the planner, next
to the guest's name, darts have appeared. These 2 arrows are used
to indicate whether the reservation has been checked in (down arrow),
and if they have checked out (up arrow).

Meals report

With the February release, we removed obsolete features, including
meal report.
However, this has created difficulties for some users. For this reason,
we have decided to temporarily re-introduce it, with the aim of
improving, in the next release, zView Meals and Movements reports.

The idea is that the new Meals report, inside the zView, it's designed
exclusively for the kitchen; that's why they aren't there information
on rooms and reservations, while from the Movement report, the
dining room staff can see to which reservation/room/guest, meals
are to be provided.
Let's try to work on it a bit, to make it more simple and usable,
with the aim to definitively remove the old report.

Stay tuned!

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