HRS: Deal Done

Dears WuBookers, regarding latest events -diplomatic incidents with HRS, check here– we have an important news. A very positive one! We have had a meeting in Koln, Germany at HRS Headquarters and had finally found a good solutions with HRS staff. In other words, we definetely will continue to work together with them to give […]

Zak: Room Exchange..finally

Good Morning Everybody! We have recently added some new feature. From now on, on the planning it will be possible to exchange rooms between two different reservations. So, if you ave the planning full of reservations and you cannot move any reservation into an empty room to free the destination rooms for the reservations 2, […]

News about HRS

Dear Wubookers, after several mediation endeavours (a special thanks to Valentin and Angelo) we reached a first goal. There’s the mutual willingness to discuss all the topics and solve it. Due the last agreements with HRS staff, I can officially announce that tomorrow, HRS channel will be again completely operative, at least until 01/01/2015. No […]