Zak PMS: Revenue, Stats, RevPar, Forecast, ADR, etc.

Hi everybody.

We are very happy to announce that we reached the goal fixed some months ago. The goal consists in present and realize a new way for Zak. The goal was basically to be able and show through some update and new features, a new concept and a new direction we took by developing this great service which is Zak Property Manager System.

And I think we did it 馃檪

With the following post I want to announce the change in Stats section. It is just a beginning but enough to close the “trilogy” of management: invoiced, charged and production. The section stats is now offering datas about revenue and the most basic and important KPI to keep your business monitored.

This is the way the section stats looks like right now:


As you may appreciate it is still basic and no advanced analysis are allowed yet. It is a work in progress and we would love to hear you about that. Overall, we would like to hear the voice of those of you, interested and engaged with revenue management and yield strategies. We need your opinion and your help to improve this section. 馃榾

So, as starting point (thanks Ivan for your help) we decided to add a tool where to create and download datas with this parameters/KPI:

  • room (types): it is the total number of rooms sold by typology
  • rooms sold: it is the total number of rooms or beds sold for a certain period of time (daily)
  • rooms available: it is the amount of vacant rooms an hotel has still to sell
  • % Occupancy: occupancy percentage (calculated as booked room/hotel availability)
  • Pax: it is the total number of guests in the hotel
  • Revenue: it is the total income produced by room only (not extras)
  • ADR: it stands for Average Daily rate and it is calculated as Revenue/Rooms Sold
  • RevPar: it means Revenue Per Available Room and it is calculated as Revenue/number of total rooms in the hotel

You can download this file and manipulate it with Excel. Also, for those of you still used to build stats with the old layer, you can continue doing it. We will not hide it.

Finally I would like to thank all those taking part of the Zak development, such as jade, aero, snow and pink and yellow. They are making a great effort to improve even more…

Merry Christmas and let’s have a 2017 full of reservations!


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