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Dear All!

Due to high demand thanks to your contacts and suggestions both on the forum and email/phone our developers have implemented some new features for the booking engine. The objective of these, as ever, is that of increasing the convertion rate and so we have analized trends that convert up to a 12% rate which we tried to include all in this development.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, however, the main questions remain the same: What I need to convert more? What is the most eficient way to set up a reservation process on my web?

The answer to the first question is the ability of been able to create “objects” that promote direct reservations as opposed to OTA reservations: “best price guaranteed”. With this in mind we have been adding different widgets for this purpose such as: Feedbacks, Packages, Special Offers, etc.

We have also added a comparison object – kind of what metasearchers do but without names or re-directing links so to reinforce direct reservations.

So, waht we came up with is the “MultiWidget“:
The horizontal layout allows to have all objects visibles at all times. And you can decide whether you want to push more for the packages or discount codes or for special offers instead.


You can fix the bar in an “absolute” position. In this case the bar will display at the bottom of the page throughout the width of the site. Each box can be dropped in its needed position.

It will be also posible to customize this button with a very powerful interface including a preview of the final configuration:


You can add, as mentioned above, the comparison object knowing you wont be re-directing visitors off your site.


You will be able to add an object to include the best marketing policies you came up with too trying to catch the eye of the visits


And in regards to the integration of the widget into your page will be a simple copy&paste, because that is what we do.

That it is for now. Hope you find it useful and please, as ever, all comments, critics, suggestions and more than welcome through the usual channels.


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