Au Revoir Plugin

Dear colleagues,

recently we have released the new plug-in which automatically sends preset emails to your guests. Some of you have been asking us about this feature and we hope it will help you to increase loyalty of your guests.

The new plug-in can be activated in Settings → Plug-ins.

As mentioned above the new Plug-in lets you send emails:

  • Welcoming: messages are sent some days before guest’s arrival. You can send any useful information, for example, how to get to you hotel.
  • Thankful: emails are sent several days after guest’s check-out.
  • Remarketing: emails are sent some months after guest’s check-out. You may want to remind your guests about your hotel or offer him a discount.

All three types of emails are independent. You may use all three together or separately. Topics and contents are individually set for every email and language. This new feature will be also implemented in PMS “Zak” after a while.

You can activate the new plug-in right now and get 5 messages for free! After you send these 5 emails you will need to buy new ones. We did our best to set prices as low as possible:

  • 150 emails — 12 Euro
  • 1530 emails — 96 Euro.

Unfortunately we are forced to charge additional fee because we will need to increase our servers’ capacity.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy August!

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