is changing the multiple rates architecture


as you know, the multiple rates on have boring limits. So, is changing the architecture in few weeks. This is a good news: properties will have a better solution: more simple and fast.

We’re already working to be prepared and we have our ideas and our solution. However, we would like to share them, eventually considering your feedback before to go on with our work.

Let’s make a little resume.

The multiple rates architecture on will be designed with the same model currently used by Expedia and

What does it mean?

This is the current profile: if you have 10 double and 2 rates (standard and NR, for example), you assign a part of your availability to the standard rate and another one to the NR one (for example, you will sell 7 Standard Double and 3 NR double).

This is the new model: you will not distribute your availability between rates. You will say: I have 10 double. Then, will sell them as Standard or NR, depending on restrictions and customer wishes. When a double is sold, the availability becomes 9.

One can say that the new architecture is similar to the WuBook virtual room.

Now, WooDoo has a unique limit we need to work on: currently, WuBook has  a unique restrcitions set. While there are multiple pricing plans (so that you can control different rates with different prices), you can’t treat different rates with different restrictions. Moreover, the “rooms multiplication model” won’t be usable for the new architecture.

Our idea is to develop a feature like the Pricing Plans management: you will be able to create and manage multiple restrictions sets. Then, you will be able to associate a restriction profile to each of your rate.

We think this is the better solution (better flexibility). What do you think about?

Each kind of feedback/comment is very appreciated and potentially precious: we’re beginning to work hard on this direction and your comments will allow us to proceed on the better way.

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  1. Hello Everybody, (and probably after them, the rest of OTA’s as all will copy, and also taking in mind the NR rates of Budgetplaces recently announced) will provide only ONE SINGLE availability with different rate types. As you are mentioned on Wong, you will have 10 rooms with two different rates, and the final customer will decide what kind of rate he wants, and will reduce the availability despite of the rate that the customer chooses.

    The hotelier NEEDS to be able to decide WHEN he wants to continue selling ONLY the standard rate, and not continue selling the NR Rate. This is a basic concept for every hotel in the world. We cannot give or any other OTA, the ability to decide what THEY want to sell.

    It fully applies also to the airline ticketing. The airline is able to decide WHEN they do not want to sell any more a specific rate but selling another rate, without restrictions. This will apply to and any other OTA.

    So we need to know HOW will provide the feature to do that.

    I guess there are only two possible options :

    1. Setting the NR Rate to 0 €
    2. Clicking on a new field to ‘Close’ sales for the NR Rate

    I am absolutely convinced that and others will need to be able to manage that case.

    Up to date, the structure of WuBook’s Rate Plans, regarding the XML integration, and due to the structure of a rate matrix that needs to be handled with date periods, is very confusing and difficult to handle via XML. Basically WuBook is designed to have these additional rate plans to be a percentage (more or less) from the ‘standard’ WuBook Rate.

    Specially, WuBook should be able to provide these rate plans not only based on a Percentage, but most important, also on an absolute amount (for example +- 10 €). Percentages always will give strange decimal amounts.

    Probably, WuBook will not only have a ‘NO OTA’ button, but also a ‘NO NR Rate’ button. And we would need to improve the XML interface with PMS to allow better handling of the NR Rate together with the standard rate.



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