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Booking engine: the evolution species

“Are you ready for the change?”
Reply to this question is always difficult, especially when you have to learn something new, after assimilated the present one.
Changes are often a very good thing, but they can cause problems and apprehension because of their use.


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In order to integrate new releases without delays or technical problems we made a lot of meeting in WubooK and the solution we found is to proceed slowly, step by step, to not upset totally the system.
Small but continuous changes, in order to give time to everybody to get used to new modifications.
The Online Reception shows small but significant news: the first modification concerns a fixed bar, containing the reservation summary, with check-in and check-out date.


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On the same bar a cart was inserted, as a loyal friend following the customer during all the reservation process (it contains all the customer selections).
The selection date calendar was improved on its graphic aspect in order to highlight the range date selected.


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Minor bugs were fixed as, for example, the page reload when a language or rather the currency changes. When these selections change, the customer choices remain unvaried.
The main modification concerns the BIDS, being on a “test” phase only for some accounts at the moment.


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Who wants to participate to our development tests on our Booking Engine, can contact me (mail: pink@wubook.net) in order to obtain new features and inform us on advance on possible flaws or rather improvements.
See you soon with new developments.
Stay tuned,

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