Booking: migration done


The migration process to the RLI model has been done. Started at ~11:00, it’s now finished and required a very hard work.

The  situation is normalizing and seems stable: during the migration we had to correct some issues and we would like to thank you for the -usual- precious and generous feedback.

There are two things to check with care:

Old rates activation

The new RLI model implies that your availability is on your rooms, not on your rates. Users previously adopting the “distribution percentage” model have to be careful: if you were disabling a rate by putting on it zero availability or by not associating it, this rate is potentially sellable now. In fact, the availablity is on your room and the rate is here.

Possible solutions:

  • Just setup your rate (right prices and right restrictions profile)
  • Remove this rate by calling your account manager

Dates closed on Tabla

Now each rate has its restrictions profile. However, when a room is closed on Tabla, all of your rates are closed on Altough this behaviour is not the more correct, it’s for sure the more safe and for this reason is the default woodoo behaviour.

If you want, you can de-activate the “Honour tabla closures” option on the WooDoo/Booking section. This way, when you close a room on Tabla, only rates configured with “Standard restrictions” will be closed.

Finally: today we updated values for ~1200 years. Heavy day! However, we’re happy because it seems the work is on the right track.

Please, feel free to contact us for each need/doubt!

Thank you for your kind collaboration.

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