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Dear WuBookers

Some portals, in these last few months, have changed their business strategies and this has impacted directly in their relationship with channel manager – WooDoo included. The hereafter is a brief of all changes:

Has recently been purchased by Odigeo Group and has told us that as from January the 30th 2017 they wont be supporting any XML or direct requests and so the connection of this channel with WooDoo will dissapear.
– As of yesterday, no more new reservations will arrive from this channel. However, WuBook will leave the channel in “fetch mode” in the event of any cancellatio of the existing reservations. Once all existing reservation on each property are past, the channel will be eliminated off the Woodoo account.

Hotel.de joint forces with HRS and since they have done a migration into the HRS interface. From Woodoo need only have the connection to HRS enabled to manage your listing in both portals. From 1st February 2017 all existing hotel.de connections in woodoo will be deleted. Please if you use it, then request the migration to the HRS connection.

In 2016 they decided to change their business model and so right now they are a metasearcher (not a portal anymore). So from 30th January 2017 the XML interface wont exist anymore and we will delete all the connections to this portal.

They are still live and about. Only that in the last few months they have been progresively migrating all properties into a new version of their extranet. In Woodoo we have the channel as “Agoda New” and all the old connections to agoda will be deleted. If you use Agoda, make sure you are on the NEW connection. Once we are sure all our clients are on the new version we will change back the name from Agoda New to just Agoda

They have just shut down completly in 2016. We will delete it off the “new channels” list in WooDoo.

HostelBookers and HostelWorld got together in 2016. Both of them connect to the “hostelworld group” connection in WooDoo. All still existing hostelbookers connections will be deleted soon.

Should you have any questions or require further information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

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