Currency Automatic Detection and others

Dears WuBookers,

we are really proud to announce this really interesting features developped by WuBook!

First of all, the Online Reception has been enhanced once again, thanks to a complex algorith that makes possible to automatically recognize the currency of the user consulting your online offer. It works with the geolocalization and it gives the “friendly” currency for default. Let’s say for example that a potencial customer is checking availability from Russia. He probably prefer to see prices in RUB rather than Euros. So, from now on the feature is activated bon default but if you prefer not to use it, it is on your own to desactivate it. You can do it from your control panel of WuBook, in Facility->Reservation Configuration->Auto-detect currency based on the estimated geolocation of your customers.

Moreover we introduced a graphic improvement of Tabla (WuBook daily calendar editor) to simplify usage: now, the left bar with room names is going to be always at your fingertips even if the number of days shown is really high (35, 42, 49 days). From now on, an horizontal scroll is enough!
Here you are a simple pic of the result:


After many requests we decided to change and improve the booking details page. As you can easily see down here, now booked Boards appear in this section. Much better then.


Last but not least, now you have an option to NOT show captcha control (the automatic tool to chek if requests are made by human or machine) qhen a deferred reservation is done. This change has been done to speed up the reservation process even when the reservation is under request and the booking model is deferred.

This option is inside Facility/Reservation settings section.


As always thanks for your attention. Comments are more than welcomed.

Best regards

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