Exclusive Mobile Version for the Online Reception of WuBook

Dear WuBookers,

it looks that September is becoming an hot month for WuBook news. After the announcement of Goole Hotel Price Ads (aka Google Hotel Finder), here you are another important achievement: we are really happy to offer a new and exclusive mobile version for our Online Reception (aka booking engine). With the word “exclusive” we mean that the interface for mobile devices is completely independent from the desktop one, the classic:


Let’s make a fast recap: months ago, when we published the new graphic version of the Online Reception, we took the “adaptive” approach. This meant that the page shown to users who where consulting the booking engine through a mobile or a desktop device, was always the same. The only changing things were styles used to offer a different “image” depending on the device used to open that page. That is why we use the word “adaptive”.

For simple sites, such as a blog, the adaptive approach could be enough. It is simple and often, it only requires to set the widht of the page. But for more complex sites, like WuBook Booking Engine, this solution could be poor: objects, variations, hints but also images and buttons requires a different definition of styles. A more  befitting solution is needed.

For this reason, we decided to immediately start to develop a Dedicated Mobile Version. And today, after weeks of hard work and development is finally available to be tested. We still decided not to publish it for default. It would be an hard bet. Too risky maybe..so at the moment, we opened a little window to test it. In this sense we are asking you, for some tester. Are you going to help us in doing it? Would you like to try?

Obviously, after a test period (few days/weeks) we will be able to release the new version to everybody.

So, let me say there is nothing to do to activate this new version: for those whi want to test the moblie interface on their booking engine, a short message is enough. The Online Reception, after that, will be able to automatically detects the device used by the custoer, adapting the information to show. So, whe a new user, a potential customer, will visit your website with an iPhone, or an iPad or wnother SmartPhone, the mobile interface will be shown automatically.

Here following a series of images. I hope you like them!! :)   Let us know if you want to activate the mobile interface..

p.d.: if you want to try the appearance of the new interface, just visit the Demo for WuBook Booking Engine at Rivendell website with a mobile device..









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