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Dears WuBookers,

we are releasing today a new group of updates with the aim of rebuilding the commercial offer for some services. Particurlarly, we are talking about Coins and Fount Project. 

I hope to be able to publish soon a Roadmap, to let you imagine what WuBook is going to offer you on 2014. Obviously, as we always promise, you can expect from us the maximum commitment and the maximum effectiveness. And believe me, since we have now done all the adjustments, we will have time to spend.

Before starting with this, let me tell you WuBook is not going to be on holiday. We’ll be online everyday at least 4-5 hours a day during all the bank holidays. So.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


*** Chapter 1: Fount Project & Deposit

When we published the Fount Project, we asked for a requirement to take part of it: to leave a deposit of 120 Euros to pay founts bills. But this requirement had not been applied always. The system was working also without the payment of a deposit. I want to thank all the customers that, despite of it, decided to pay it:


The requirement has changed, becoming lighter. Instead of asking for 120 Euro as a deposit, we require now a positive number of Coins (check chapter 2: Coins). You can have it with a minimum outgo of 26 Euros.

But, starting from the 5th January on, the requirement becomes active. All the Fount Project users must respect it touse it. Otherwise, the connection service to TripAdvisor and JetRadar will be disabled.

To all the TripAdvisor and JetRadar users: make sure to do it before your connectivity becomes useless and disabled. If you find any problem or you have dubts, please let us know.

Prices: we decided to charge you 1 euro for each reservation coming from TripAdvisor. Nothing more. We do know that you already face a lot of expenses by paying for all the clicks and we decided not to charge anymore. Just a symbolic euro. About JetRadar we charge the 12% on the total amount of the reservation cause the situation and condition is different. In fact you are not paying a PayPorClick for it and the total cost is not any extra we are adding to. Anyway, I’ll be publishing an detailed explanation article soon.

*** Chapter 2: Coins

WuBook has its own currency. What is this about? As we are offering lots of services now (channel manager, online booking, PMS, au revoir plugins, Fount, TripAdvisor, JetRadar, Sms, Fax and so on), we thoughts to insert a commercial tool to make everything easier to be managed. The coins are “virtual coins” you can use to buy and/or renew (both manually and authomatically) all our services.


Maybe an example could help: before Coins release, users who activated AuRevoir Plugin should buy an amount of email to start using it. Meanwhile, they should buy an amount of Sms and Fax to use the Sms & Fax Plugin.. and they had to renew services manually at the moment of expiration (of each service).

From now on, you do not need to buy and/or separetely: the cost of each service has a value in Coins and will be decreased from the deposit you have. Coins let you configure the authomatical renew of services, a very useful and confortable feature.

Coins replace Prepayments, added few months ago. PrePayment you already had in your account will be changed into Coins and can be used immediately.

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