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HostelWorld: XML interface ready to use

Dear WuBookers,

I am more than happy to announce that starting from today, after a lot of tests, validations, other tests, other validations and some more checks, we are happy to release a new interface to HostelWorld. The new interface is an official one in XML.



What to do now?

For all those of you that are going to start now, nothing different from the rest of XML connectivities. Moreover, from HostelWorld we have been told that all the new properties interested in a profile, they have to send a request by email to: newsignupsapi@hostelworld.com

For those of you that are using a Screenscraping connection, you will find on the interface (woodoo/hostelworld) a paragraph inviting you to switch t the new connectivity as soon as possible. It is just a click! What you have to consider is that even if so far it has been for free (due to the screenscraping), from now on, it will cost same as the rest of connectivities and there will be an expiration date: 2 months starting from today.

Also, we won’t give support to the old connectivity in screenscraping which is one more reason to switch as soon as you can.

The few and simple steps to achieve an XML connection are:

  • to request connection to your HostelWorld account manager
  • as soon as the AM activate the XML, you will be able to map again rooms and rates in woodoo as usual
  • to check that the channel manager WooDoo sends the first update

Last but not least it is important to know that once your account manager have switch into XML your account in and extranet in HostelWorld will become “read only”. That means that you will only able to modify inventory through our channel manager woodoo.

We keep at disposal for any question you may have.

Have a nice Summer!


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