HRS: Deal Done

Dears WuBookers,

regarding latest events -diplomatic incidents with HRS, check here– we have an important news. A very positive one!


We have had a meeting in Koln, Germany at HRS Headquarters and had finally found a good solutions with HRS staff. In other words, we definetely will continue to work together with them to give connectivity service between HRS and WuBook, without any interruption nor limitation. And we are very happy of it! HRS is a very importante player for many reasons and many markets, so it is very successful for all to be confident of a stable and reliable collaboration between the parties. This result is fundamental.

It is then an oblogation to say thanks to HRs staff for the invitation and the efforts to solve this situation. This meeting has produced good results. The connectivity to HRS is complete: all our customers can continue connecting the German OTA and all new properties interested in using wubook channel manager could do it.

Finally, we promised to announce a final decision regarding this situation before the 20th November and, with a huge anticipation, we are happy to confirm things are going to continue, connectivity is restored and we are all happy. This is a very good news for all of us. Warm regards and thanks to all those that have collaborated to achieve this result.

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