iCal: AirBnB, Wimdu

Excellent news,

We have recently developed the export of the availability of your rooms in iCal format (this is the standard of calendars promoted by Apple).

Are you asking why? It’s simple: many portals, rather than offer an interface xml (or similar) are able to synchronize the availability reading these calendars. So  WuBook is  now able to  update automatically all those portals which provide compatibility ‘with iCal.

Some examples? AirBnb and Wimdu, which are two very famous portals. But even Homeaway, that has always been required by who manages the apartments.

ical, channel manager, wimdu                homeaway sul channel manager woodoo, via ical              airbnb sul channel manager via ical

This is the first list of  portals supported by technology iCal. Please note that this list is probably incomplete. Maybe many portals are already able to read the iCal format  and we don’t  know it. Here it is:

The only limit is the one of the prices and reservations. Using iCal, you can synchronize the availability automatically, but not the prices. It’s not even possible, to download the reservations received. Maybe some of these portals (except  AirBnb and Wimdu, because we have  already asked for it) provide additional technology to create a  more complete interface. We will find out by the way.

The technology is published as a Plugin. There is only an activation cost “Una Tantum”, without  any additional costs.

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