Instant booking: direct reservations through Tripadvisor

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The data collected speaks for itself. Users that before making a reservation on any property review the comments of other guests – mainly on Tripadvisor (that with almost 260 million unique visitors per month and more than 200 million comments is certainly the biggest in the world) – are growing exponentially.

Before, all these visitors needed to exit Tripadvisor to then make the actual reservation of the selected property. Now, with Tripconnect, with whom WuBook is an oficial partner since the begining, has started to redirect potential guest to the direct booking through the property´s booking engine.

It is not an easy mechanism, but once understood can give great satisfaction in terms of actual bookings.

The latest evolution of Tripconnet is the instant booking, or the ability to complete the entire process of reservation without ever leaving the site where you ran the search; and if before, through a pay per click formula (which is still valid and can be activated simultaneously) the browser was simply redirected to a OTA or towards the booking engine of the property, now can do it all with the look and feel of tripadvisor, significantly increasing the conversion rate.


Screenshot at feb 10 15-23-38 Instant booking is available for mobile users (app and smartphone navigation) as well as for desktop users, and works in a very easy way: together with the room quote, it shows the book-now button, that with few clicks lets you complete the reservation process perfectly integrated with the property systems thanks to the technology provided by a connectivity partner like WuBook.

And How Much is it?

The cost can be established directly by the property manager who can select between two options: 12% (to show the book-now button to 1 out of 4 visitors) or 15% (1 out of 2 visitors). The cost of Tripadvisor is invoiced only if the reservation actually takes place while WuBook only charges 1 euro per each of these reservations.

The advantages are many, considering that reaching out to your potencial customers at the exact time when they are making the choice is an extraordinary sales opportunity, re establishing a direct contact with the customers.

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  1. Hello. I understand tripadvisor “instant booking” is a channel such as, etc.
    Is it already available for us to start using?

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