Maintanance works


day by day, WooDoo is growing significantly. In the recent weeks, someone has complained about updates slowness, and it’s right. We will work to speed up the channel manager, making it faster and more reliable. As preliminary action, we will have to execute a maintanance operation.

The maintanance operation is scheduled for the night 05/09 (between o5/09 and 06/09). During this night, WuBook services will be completely down (but Zak will be correctly running). We expect the outage will start at ~22:00, ending up in 4/8 hours.

We’re sorry and we ask to accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. No alternative, we need to improve our services and, as you know, this has always been very important for WuBook. And it always will be.

If you want to know more about it, please, go on with the lecture: motivations are reported with the WuBook historically transparency feeling.

What’s happening? The updates queue is very long.

Some number? In the last 3 weeks, we collected ~400.000 updates. This means 19.000 updates each day; and they’re generally distributed on ~12 hours. You can now imagine how much work WooDoo is doing, even while you’re reading this post.

When one channel (OTA) experiences degradation (conncetions become slow) it can happen that the queue is globally slowed. Unfortunately, a lot of channels have frequent  degradations.

So, what will we do?

We will establish a multi-server architecture. The WooDoo work will be distributed on more nodes. We will divide channels, distributing the most important ones on the most powerful nodes. Moreover, this way degradated channels won’t affect the operative ones. We will begin with 4 nodes, distributed on 2 countries.

Finally, we will have ~15 servers working simulateneously. As you can understand, WooDoo will be very very fast and very very reliable, because work will be distributed on multiple machines. Moreover, servers are distributed on more countries (including server farms on the USA). Even in the case a server farm hosting our server will have an outage, WooDoo will continue its work.

So, we will work -very hard- to provide a 99.99% (fast) services uptime and we hope you can appreciate our efforts to maintain our techincal and commercial quality.

Thank you for your understanding.

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