Make your price! …Bids is better


We are looking into updating and refreshing our development on the Online Reception and because of its complexity we are planning this upgrade step by step.

We have lined up all the suggestions to make the booking engine more powerful and we have analized them all to prioritize in the best way possible, and the starting point will be: BIDS!

What are these Bids? What do I do with them? Why should I offer a further discount to my clients?

Bids have been created to increase direct reservations through your booking engine in your website.

The way they work is very simple: the final client proposes the price he thinks is fair for the room and dates he is looking at; the system gives them the probablity of their proposal to be accepted.


Once the proposal is received, the property could make a counter offer.

The contact has been made and the property will have all details of the potential customer to contact him directly for further negotiation.

Like this you can increase your direct reservations, decreasing the ammount of commissions paid out to external portals.

The new development.


Bids will show on top and from the first step of the reservation process; highlighted and shown in all steps of the process. The property will be able to configure the behaviour of bids and clients will be able to see, based on the color scheme, whether the proposal has any chances of been accepted. The position of the bids option will be always on top next to the shopping cart.

We highly recommend you try it out!


Next to this update there will soon follow others that will make the general usability of the online reception easier.

So please follow the blog closely, Bids are on its way!



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