New Channel: AirBnB

Dears Wubookers, we are now ready to release a new channel: Airbnb.


This connectivity has been developed in screen scraping (emulation of user’s actions inside the OTA extranet) so that we are not charging for this connectivity. We offer it for free! Only if you are using WuBook with the commercial formula “Only WooDoo” you are going to pay 3 € monthly to keep AirBnB connected.

To start connectivity you just need to add user and password of your existing and active account in AirBnB. The channel will be directly activated. You could also continue to use our iCal plugin but this new connectivity will be much more complete and you’ll be able to download reservations and send availabilities and prices.

Please, we have tested the connectivity but, as always, we’ll be very happy to receive feedbacks from you all!

See you soon!

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