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New channel available in Woodoo: Atraveo

Dear Wubookers,

Our  WooDoo department is constantly working on increasing the number of channels available to give you more options where to sell your rooms.


Today we are proud to announce a new channel available Atraveo, Tui group, specialized on apartments, holiday homes and villas; which is very strong in the German market and offers various particular features: first it automatically posts your availability in more than 1000 portals among which we can list tui.com, expedia.de, opodo, tuifly.com, ab-in-den-urlaub.de, edreams, tui.at, travel24, austria.info, tui.it, reisem.de and visitdenmark.com

Basically, if among your customers there are many Germans or if the German market is part of your potential target, then Atraveo is certainly a useful tool where to list your property and make it visible to this share of tourists.

How does it work

Despite being an online sales channel specialized in holiday homes, Atraveo is not managed as a traditional channel WooDoo (with technology xml or screen scraping), but to use it you must install the plugin WuBook we developed specially for this purpose.

It was necessary because the typical dynamics of WooDoo channels in this case are reversed; is not WooDoo updating Atraveo whenever necessary, but is Atraveo that once a day reads the updated data on WuBook and updates itself, only updating and synchronizing the availability and the possible closure of the rooms.

This means that the prices must always be managed directly on the extranet of the channel and that the management of the bookings is done entirely on the extranet of Atraveo.

It is very similar to the iCal technology (another plugin WuBook), only that the connection owner has imposed the development of a plug-in ad hoc.

How much is it

The price of the plugin Atraveo is 36 euro one-off, this means that once installed it can be used without worry about deadlines or renewals, your only concern will be maintaining and operating your profile on Atraveo.

If you have not sign in on Atraveo yet, you can do it from this link and then manage everything from Woodoo as usual.

Best Regards!

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