New Online Reception Version


as we have already announced long time ago,  we are in the finishing straight. The new version of the online reception (online booking or booking engine) will be published before the middle of July.

In addition to a renewed graphic style, now is perfectly adaptable to smartphones like iphone and android, there will be several news. We had already made a first description, but today I want to do two things: tell you about the management of treatment and provide some graphical preview!

As you can see on the section rooms, WuBook has already been prepared to support multiple treatments for each room: as you can see here  below, is possible to add  to each rooms a different treatments, giving a variation on the price of the room perfectly identical to the one  that you  already know for the management of virtual price lists:


But  .. how will be managed the multiple treatments on the new version of the online reception? How  your customers will be able to select them? Here, I hope the following images can be able to explain the new feature and the new layout of the online reception!


This is the screenshot  that allows the selection of the dates (in case that the online reception has been opened without specifying a period). You can see the presence of a box  where the feedbacks will appear 🙂 We are finishing it!

The following image,however, shows the selection of rooms and treatments.  Please  note a lot new  things, for example the selection of the treatments, the new online filtering, which allows to select occupancy higher than 4, the application of a discount code very very fast and nice , and the colored prices . There are other features , which appear, for example, when the room has availability  equal to 1.


We are all excited, because the new version is coming out very very well. We hope that you  will enjoy the style (from the little that  we have just presented). But we are waiting to hear your opinions. As always. In fact, soon, we will ask you to give us advice on the new version of YouBook!

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